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        2. Team New Brunswick Powered by Goalline Sports Administration Software

          Glodin Mulali


          Dan Bell with the U18 Provincial FNB program competing Nationally in lgary

          2015 to 2018 FNB Alumnus All-Stars in the AUS

          Taylor Burns FNB to MAC

          Former FNB Alumnus Awarded USports 1st-Team All-nadian

          Glodin Mulali from Moncton, NB named the only USports 1st-Team All-nadian from the Atlantic University Sport conference

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          U16 Football NB Eastern Challenge All-Stars Released

          The “Super Eight” U16 Football NB players are recognized with 2020 honours from Football nada at the Eastern Challenge this past July in Kingston, ON.

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          Former FNB U18 Standout Awarded AUS Rookie of the Year

          Dan Bell from SJ does his province proud with AUS honours in first season with the Mounties!

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          Five Players from NB receive 2019 AUS All-Star Honours

          FNB Alumnus making an impact at the USports level

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          Former FNB Alumnus Awarded OUA All-Rookie Team

          Taylor Burns a standout already as a rookie in the OUA

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